AlliKat Records (AKR) is an independent
record label. Our mission is to share information
and ideas, to suggest alternatives to
mainstream music channels, to propose ways to
develop and create art with like-minded
individuals and then to collaboratively utilize
unconventional outlets to disseminate music
around the world and in one's own community.
AKR Releases
Whidbey Island, WA
AlliKat Media
is currently providing music supervision
for the indie film, "Jesus 4 Less" with Aroma Films.
If you are a musician that would like to submit songs
for consideration please visit our dropbox on

If you are a film-maker looking to add independent
music to your movie project, please contact for music supervision services.
Kris Orlowski: Architects
Rune: Hadrian
LeRoy: Jubilation
LeRoy: Ah Ha
LeRoy: Tribe of Judah
LeRoy: Second Sight
LeRoy: Radiant Humble and True
Bliss: What If War Was Not an Option?
LeRoy: Zion Place
Leroy: Sweet Divine Groove
Kris Orlowski: Happiness Is Waiting
Producer, Gwen Jones
provided artist
development, music
coaching, songwriting and
arrangment collaboration
and was producer for hire
on this record.
Producer, Gwen Jones
is available for individual
projects, for solo or band artist development,
coaching, songwriting and arrangement collaboration.

Producer, Gwen Jones is available for Producer for
Hire projects for solo, band and corporate projects.

Publicist, Celia Black
is available to promote your
music or film project through a variety of creative
means. See our services page for more details.

AlliKat Records is pleased to announce the release
of the album,
"Happiness Is Waiting" by Kris Orlowski.
CONTACT to discuss your artist
development, demo or recording project. to discuss your music or
film marketing, PR and distribution needs.